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What Is Radionics?
Many people have never before heard of the word 'radionics' . They think it has something to do with radio or physics. Many have written to ask what radionic healing is all about. The Radionic Association in Oxford, England, have this definition , we quote, verbatim, what they had to say.


"It is a method of healing at a distance through the medium of an instrument using the ESP faculty. In this way, a trained and competent practitioner can discover the cause of disease within any living system, be it a human being, an animal, a plant or the soil itself. Suitable therapeutic energies can then be made available to the patient to help restore optimum health. Radionics was was originated by a distinguished American physician , Doctor Albert Abrams (1863 - 1924) of San Francisco, and it has been developed by numerous other research workers and exponents including Ruth Drown, George de la Warr, T. Galen Hieronymus, Malcolm Rae and David Tansley. Basic to radionic theory and practice is the concept that man and all other life forms share a common ground in that they are submerged in the electro-magnetic energy field of the earth; and further, that each life form has its own electromagnetic field which, if sufficiently distorted, will automatically in disease of the organism. Accepting that "all is energy", Radionics sees organs, diseases and remedies as having their own particular frequency or vibration.

These factors can be expressed in numerical values which are known in Radionics as "rates", and radionic instruments are provided with calibrated dials on which such "rates" are set for analysis and treatment purposes. The radionic practitioner, in making his analysis, uses the principle of dowsing by applying his faculty of extra sensory perception to the problem of detecting disease in much the same way that the dowser detects the location of water, oil or mineral deposits. The particular form of ESP used in Radionics is often referred to as "the radiesthetic faculty" through which the practitioner, by means of a series of mentally posed questions, obtains information about the health of his patients to which the conscious thinking mind has no direct access."

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More on What Is Radionics?

Radionics is a method of healing, usually without physical contact with the patient, with the help of specialized instruments, in conjunction with a special faculty of extra-sensory perception (ESP) known as the radiesthetic faculty. Healing, in this sense, does not necessarily confine itself to humans, but extends to non-humans as well.

The name 'radionics' is somewhat misleading since this form of healing has nothing to do with radio or radio waves, neither does it have anything to do with electronics. As a matter of fact, radionics can be said to be 'healing with thought energy

A radionic practitioner can work on humans, animals, plants, the soil, buildings, and the environment.
A radionic practitioner facilitates healing. He doesn't heal. He doesn't diagnose. He doesn't treat either. His role is confined to that of a facilitator. It is the all creative principle in the universe that does the healing. Simply put, it is the YOU, in YOU, that does the healing. This also applies to other modalities of health care, be it conventional or otherwise.

Now, this takes us a little bit out of the question, so let's get back to it. Permeating every created substance (or essence) in the universe is 'energy'. Physical science does not tell us what energy is. It merely tells us that "energy is the capacity to do work". What that 'capacity' is, it is incapable of saying! Our attempted definition of 'energy' is 'that creative essence in all things that allows all things to be'. This we hold as our working definition. The radionic practitioner is a manipulator of this energy to bring about harmony in his target (the patient) where there has been a disruption or imbalance in its flow.

Have Radionic Instruments Been Scientifically Validated?

This depends on what we mean by 'scientific validation'. If what we mean is whether radionic instruments have been tested and found to obey the laws of physics or that of material science, our answer is 'No'. The framework of material science and that of radionics are different, so it is difficult to use one to evaluate or validate the other.
Radionic instruments are physical structures no doubt, but what they are used to accomplish cannot be tied to their engineering designs.

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All radionic practitioners know that their instruments serve only as extensions of their diagnostic (not in the orthodox sense) and healing faculties. On their own, the instruments do absolutely nothing. Now, this bring up the question: why do some practitioners shell out a lot of money for very expensive instruments, some with outrageous claims that boggle the mind? This is where choice comes in. It might well be that such practitioners build thoughtforms of greater efficacy around such instruments and they might well have better results due to this.

But there are practitioners do not believe that the cost or the complexity of the instruments have anything to do with the therapeutic results obtained since radionics works on the realm of thought.

Radionics was originally developed in San Francisco by Dr Albert Abrams (1863 - 1924) and has advanced over the years as a result of the dedicated efforts of many practitioners and a number of outstanding personalities, including Dr Ruth Drown (USA), and David Tansley and Malcolm Rae (UK). The UK is the main centre for Radionic practice in the world today.

One of Abrams’ fundamental propositions is that everything which exists has a unique vibrational signature. These signatures are represented in Radionics by a system of codes, each of which is known as a Rate. The Rates are used as the focal point for both testing and treatment and cover a vast range, including, for example, the entire human anatomy and physiology; pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites; many forms of poisons and toxins; and many diseases.

How Does Radionics Work?

Previously the answer to this question was "we don't know", and we left it at that. Today researchers in energy medicine, and other sciences are beginning to investigate the 'hows' of radionics and are coming out with pretty good information and observations. But this information is not from the so called double-blind and rigidly controlled studies that have ever been the bedrock of conventional western sciences despite their divergence from the way normal life is lived.

Please note, this is not an attack on western scientific methodology. It's just that its thinking is confined to the third dimension. There are other dimensions of reality unbeknown to conventional science(see quantum physics).
You cannot use a three dimensional parameters to investigate a four dimensional reality. Radionics happens to fall into this category. It is beyond what conventional science can grasp as of now.
No wonder, western conventional scientists have tended to confine it to the domain of quackery or mysticism. Of course, this excuses them from further investigation but does not necessarily absolve them from the responsibility of carrying out relevant researches before discrediting it. This, we must say, is very sad for orthodox science since a lot could be uncovered and learnt if we only developed and used our extra sensory perceptive (ESP) faculties.

Radionics normally uses energy patterns to correct the imbalances found by the practitioner. These patterns include, for example, Homoeopathic remedies, Flower remedies, Gem Essences, Colours, Antidote patterns for bacteria and viruses, and numerous other factors. Thus the practitioner can draw on a large number of possible solutions for the patient and his or her skill lies in finding not only the source of the patient’s problems but also the most appropriate remedy. The practitioner may also dowse for the suitability to the patient of non-Radionic therapies, and most practitioners will also work alongside orthodox medical procedures if required. Radionic techniques are also used successfully in the treatment of animals, and in agriculture.

During the 40s and 50s radionics began to develop and with homeopathy they started to have a reciprocal influence upon each other. Many figures who were active in one therapy were also active in both during the 50s and 60s and were thus important in both fields.

They also shared the same dilemmas and difficulties and problems of being in a lay status and having the marginalisation and denigration from the medical majority allopaths. They also shared the same problems about tuition and passing on their skills to others of their kind


Now, the question was 'how does radionics work?' Although we have been involved in radionics for well over 20 years now, we can not honestly give an answer that will satisfy the ordinary mind. It is more like asking, 'how does prayer work?'.

This reminds me of a saying by one of my computer teachers who used to say "You don't need to know how the computer works but you need to know how to work the computer". Radionics works, and those who have experienced it know this. Probably, we don't have to know how it works but we need to know how to make it work.

What Kind of Health Disorders Does Radionics Handle?

Let us begin by correcting one misconception here. A radionic practitioner doesn't treat any health condition. To treat, you must diagnose. And to diagnose means, giving a label that meets certain rigid parameters based on what can be measured or quantified in the physical laboratory.

Radionic practitioners work on the premises that all diseases and health disorders, irrespective of what names or labels are attached to them, boil down to one imbalances. The names or the diagnoses we give to them only reflect the locations and the effects of these energy imbalances on the overall body system.

If we could detect and correct these energy imbalances, wellness will be restored to the sufferer. This will happen no matter what names were given to the manifested clinical signs and symptoms in the first case. Radionics seeks to do just this...restore balance.... and it does it marvelously.

Radionics can handle all manifestations of energy imbalances that externalize as named diseases. It can penetrate into levels and dimensions of reality yet inaccessible to conventional medicine. Because of this it can do a better job of effecting a return to health in most seemingly intractable cases.

Almost all diseases and illnesses treatable by western conventional medicine could be helped by radionic therapy. It is not a cure-all kind of discipline though, and it is, sometimes, very restricted in physical interventionist care. In many instances radionic healing and conventional medicine can co-exist to the betterment of the patient

In English clinics, Radionic practitioners work closely with medical doctors, and freely discuss their results with the doctors and nurses, which reflects directly on the well being of the patients. In Germany and America, where the pharmaceutical companies have reached the pinnacle of respect and power, most doctors and professors do not even know how to spell the word Radionics, much less know the principles and procedures.

If one happens to hear the word, what usually goes along with it is, “It’s humbug, doesn’t work, and it is certainly not scientific.” But Radionics in Germany and other countries is finding more and more people interested, especially among independent thinking doctors and healing practitioners. Increasingly, more patients are discovering this holistic method as an alternative, or adjunct, to traditional treatment.

Even though Radionics had shown much success in the early part of the century, and in England has been used for decades as an alternative to orthodox medicine, it is still leading a quiet life in the shadows in most areas of the world. The potential of this method is quite potent, since it is a very useful tool for analysis, and balancing, and is much more encompassing than many methods of diagnosis and treatment. This truly goes far beyond school medicine and does not follow the Newtonian world view.

Radionics can be seen as a science that is walking the holistic path


What Type of Drugs Are Used In Radionic Healing?

Radionic practitioners do not use drugs in the sense it is done in conventional medicine. Being natural healers, they work with energy in the form of potentized remedies that carry etheric imprints of the therapeutic substance. These remedies are not chemicals or pharmaceuticals. Because of this they do not have the toxic effects seen in conventional medicine. Rremedies used in radionic practice include homeopathic medicine, flower essences, gem elixirs, color essences, planetary remedies, vitamins and minerals, and tissue salts. Potentized conventional remedies may also be used.

The remedies, being potentized energy patterns, do not exert their effects according to the quantity taken but rather according to the frequency of administration. Thus one drop is as effective as one gallon, provided they are taken at the same time.

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Ruth Drown was born in 1892 in Greeley, Colorado. Her father was a professional photographer and taught young Ruth all he knew of the photographic processes. Years later, this background would play an important role in her development of Radio Vision, an invention of such inestimable importance and merit to the healing arts that it should have carried her to the stage in Stockholm. Instead, her work, her inventions, her honor and finally her life, were all shattered by a calculated onslaught organized by the Little Men of Big Medicine using their media pimps and government stooges to destroy her. These jackals of greed and duplicity always seem to reserve their greatest torments for those who would relieve man's suffering the most, as was seen in the case of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife whose great discoveries in cancer research and therapy were obliterated by the same medical mafia (see The Cancer Cure That Worked! by Barry Lynes). Dr. Drown’s persecution was remarkable in both the continuing torment of her detractors and her tenacity to preserve in the face of such unrelenting and withering ridicule endured over many, many years. Quoting from page 233 in Trevor's book:

"During her lifetime, Dr. Ruth Drown was one of the most widely misrepresented and vilified women in America. The poisonous rubbish circulated about her in magazines and newspapers was never written by anyone who knew her. Alleged technical descriptions of the Drown work, invariably condemnatory and always inaccurate, were printed in national magazines and published in books by writers who had never even met Dr. Drown, let alone had studied her work. The pillorying went on for decades.”


What Is A Radionic Analysis?

A radionic analysis is the process by which a practitioner finds out all the factors that are involved in the manifestations of the illness and disease the patient presents with.
A radionic analysis is NOT like making a medical diagnosis. In a medical diagnosis, the aim is to try and find out a name for the particular symptoms-signs complex the patient is having. Only then is treatment given according to the name of the condition.

Distance: Effectiveness is independent of the distance between practitioner and patient. Distance is not a limitation. The patient can be with the practitioner, can be connected to a machine, or can be many miles away.


In a radionic analysis the aim is not to categorize a condition by way of a diagnostic term but to find out ALL the factors that have contributed to the clinical presentations of the patient. Such factors could reside in the body physical, the etheric body, the emotional body, or the mental body. They could even have their domain outside of these.
Some factors that could predispose a person to an illness include the environment; negative energy fields coming from the earth (e.g. geopathic stress); adverse planetary factors (e.g. transits and bad astrological aspects), etc., etc. These are in addition to other common factors well known to us.

Often times, factors that neither the patient nor the practitoner suspected might show up during an analysis as the underlying cause of an illness. The aim of the radionic practitioner is to isolate these factors, prioritize them, and then embark on their correction or "balancing the patient" as we popularly refer to this procedure. Priority correction or harmonization is the key to a successful radionic healing.

Etheric Life Energy
Wilhelm Reich would more accurately identify this esoteric form of radiation as a constituent manifestation of the ether, which he labeled orgone energy. Still later, author Gerry Vasillatos would refer to this radiation as a component of Vril energy, which he describes handsomely in his published volumes known as The Vril Compendium (Borderland books). Despite the different names given to the life force energy, it's important to bear in mind that the bioenergetic ‘signals’ that Lakhovsky and Abrams were describing were not really electromagnetic waves at all, as they had assumed at the time, but were rather a much finer and infinitely more powerful radiation of the ether which was elaborated upon by Rudolf Steiner, Guenther Wachsmuth, Ernst Lehrs, and more recently by author Ernst Marti (The Four Ethers 1984) as being composed of four sub categories known as the Warmth ether, the Light ether, the Chemical ether (also called the Sound or Number ether), and the Life ether. It should also be clarified that electromagnetic waves are “carried” by the ether, a notion foreign to conventional physicists, yet true, since there would be nothing for the wave to “wave in” when traversing the vacuum of space.

What form does a radionic analysis take?

A radionic analysis may take different forms depending on the school of thought the practitioner trained or belongs.
In early form of radionics, the medical model was used. Here, the patient's illness was identified in medical terms and the radionic analysis was geared towards discovering what could be done by way of 'treatment'. Many practitioners are still following this old school method. It is not unusual to hear such practitioners still refering to their treating this condition or that condition.

In the early 70s, a new concept was introduced into radionics by David Tansley, D.C. That concept took into account man's subtle anatomy. The etheric, astral (or emotional), the mental, and causal bodies came to be incorporated into radionic analysis by some practitioners. Analysis of the chakras also was added. No doubt, this considerably extended the scope and efficacy of radionics.

Dr. Tansley did not end there. In the 80s he took further steps and introduced the concept of Ray Energies into radionic practice. This concept, though difficult to grasp by some practitioners, further elevated radionic healing into the pinnacle of a truly holistic healing art. This was so because, for the first time in radionic practice, man's link with the cosmos and the primordial creative force could be intelligently applied. The subject of Ray Energies is vast and we shall devote another time to its exploration.

Basic Principles of Radionics (copied from "Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century", page 333, by Dr. Richard Gerber:

Radionic Treatment: One of the great advantages of Radionics is that it is often possible to discover potentially serious health, family and financial conditions at an early stage before manifesting in the Physical Plane and, by appropriate treatment, prevent them for developing to a point where they become clinically identifiable.

Each disease is associated with a specific energy with unique frequency characteristics.

Disease energies are radiated from a patient's body, a specimen of diseased biopsy tissue, and even from the blood.

Human beings react to this disease frequency, especially when they are oriented to geomagnetic West
When facing geomagnetic West, human beings will react to disease frequencies in the body by producing a unique abdominal reflex- a temporary change in the abdominal muscle detectable by percussion.

Healthy humans (facing West) will produce the characteristic abdominal reflex if they are close to or electrically wired to disease specimens or patient blood spots from sick individuals.

Disease-specimen energy frequencies are easily conducted along metallic wires (passive conduction).

Variable resistance devices (radionic instruments) act as specialised tunable electronic filters that only allow one disease frequency to be conducted through the device circuitry at a time, depending upon the variable tuning setting.

The radionics operator becomes psychically linked to the patient at a distance via the blood spot.

Results: There are no published results of well controlled scientifically conducted studies. According to Dr Gerber, there have been case reports of patients with inoperable brain tumours going into remission after being treated with radionic broadcast therapy (p 368). Drs Tansley and McFarland claimed to have successfully treated many patients with advanced cancer

Some practitioners incorporate concepts derived from Oriental Medicine (such as acupuncture meridian energies), Tibetan Medicine and Psychiatry, and Cosmobiology, into radionics. This has not only led to increased efficiency and made therapies more potent, but has further demonstrated that radionics is a a very highly effective healing tool whose only limitation is the limitation of the human mind.